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January 25, 2008
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  I was having the same dream again. I'm in the car with my dad. I had fallen asleep, not hearing the semi-truck fall on top of us. The only thing I heard was a woman yell for an ambulance.
  I sat up quickly. I was drenched in a cold sweat. Had I really been that scared? Maybe it's scaring me more because I didn't understand how serious the wreck was when I was younger.
  My dad had been killed in the wreck and my mom remarried a few years later to some idiot. I really didn't like him, so, I ran away when I was six. They never came looking for me. Just proves how useless I was in their lives.
I got out of bed an walked around for a while. First pacing in front of my bed, then walking over to the dresser, and going over by my desk. I did this almost every night just to calm myself down. It didn't help much. I was shaking uncontrolably. This was starting to get a little annoying...
  I sat my back pack down next to my desk and pulled out my books. Another boring and exaggerated day of school to get through. Joy.
  As the teacher droned on about equations (or something like that), I stared out the window and tried to remember my dad besides what I knew from an old family photo my mom gave me when I was four. He had short, light brown hair, sky blue eyes, and a kind smile. I wish I could remember his voice. I missed him so much.
  "Hey! Pay attention!" the teacher yelled. The boy in front of me, Tarou, sat up quickly. Thankfully, the teacher walked past us both to a group of girls in the back of the room. The teacher said something to the girls and tapped one of them on the head with magazine lightly.
  "Ouch! That hurt!" she yelled, falling on her desk dramatically.
  "That's child abuse!" another girl laughed.
  "Hey! Isn't that Ogami?" a boy shouted. Everyone turned and looked outside. Sure enough, Makoto was walking up to the school building. I was glad to see Makoto here. He hadn't been her for two weeks. Sure, I saw him at home, but...
  Oh, right! I forgot! I'm living with Makoto and hisw family until I graduate~ We've been friends since before I can remember. His house just seemed the place to go. I've been there ever since.
  "Oi! Asame-chan!" Hikari said.
  "Nani, Hikari-chan?" I asked.
  "Did you have the dream again?"
  "Yeah, only somehow, it was worse."
  "Really? So was mine. This time I saw blood."
  Hikari-chan is my best friend. She saw when Tarou's kidnapper got mutilated by the truck.
  "You saw blood? That's horrible!...See anything else?"
  "No. I still can't remember what the guy said on the phone. is Makot these days?"
  As she asked this, Makoto walked in and everyone got really got quiet.
  "*sigh* Oh, the usual. Dark, myseterious, and quiet."
  "Quiet? I thought Makoto was the kind of guy who was quiet at school, but wouldn't shut up at home." I looked over a Makoto and waved. He looked at me, then looked away. I sighed again.
"No. Just quiet and solitary."
chapter one of my ghost hound fan fic!
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cool! Ghost Hound fan fic! They have fan fic on Fanfiction. Net but I don't like them
I like how yours is going ^_^
hikaripachirisu Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2008
Nice story!:clap:
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Your welcome^^
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yeah really!!! awesome story line!!! i luv it!! :-)
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